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Iman Janmohamed

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Emma Martin-Rousselle


i’m moving


a loofah


my laptop

cough medicine (just in case)



                                               for months and months

                                               my life was a symphony of ‘you’re moving’

                                               i was moving.


                     empty walls stare back at me




photos of my friends and family

dances, games, concerts, trips

posters from interests past,

left peeling paint next to pen strokes marking height


              the opera house filled with my friends, my family sang louder

              as the days grew closer and closer



is moving worth it? what if i hate the city? what if i’m homesick?



18 years, up and gone

my grad hoodie

18 years, packed into one suitcase




how many masks do i need?


                                                          shoes, my watch, maybe a jacket or two.

                                                          ‘you’re moving’


the white and blue house

footprints mark then and




what else am i missing?

what will i miss?


oh and my charger, too! 

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